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McPherson  & Sons Home Improvement and Lawn Care

Father and Son Team with exceptional customer service,

accuracy, and dependability! As you know, not all contractors

have the absolute best reputation for being professional, accurate,

true to their word, and even showing up to the job site on time! 

This is where McPherson and Son are different.  We pride ourselves

on the reputation we’ve built and the numerous 5 star reviews we’ve

received from our customers. We take pride and ownership of each

job we perform for our customers. There’s no better reward for us than to receive a referral from one of our customers. 


Our office is located in Anderson, SC and we serve all of the upstate. 

Our Process






Outstanding Service

Our Quality Guarantee

We are proud of our work and while we work diligently and quickly, quality is our main focus. We use the best quality and grade tools and supplies for all our jobs. We let our work do the talking. 

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